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Jurassic World Park in MCPE 1.8 APK

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A map for Minecraft with a fascinating adventure: dozens of pixel dinosaur species, challenges and awards in the form of skins, equipment, new territories! The main aspects of gameplay are survival, exploration and fighting. The Jurassic world is divided into several zones - from open-air cages with harmless herbivorous reptiles, to large arenas where you can test your skills and fight against the terrible predators of Minecraft. To increase your chances, you will need crafting - durable armor and effective weapons that will ensure survival. This MCPE map has many hidden places.. don't forget to take a pickaxe with you - there might be a secret passage, a door or a cave behind every suspicious block. Break your way through or craft a special item that will allow you to enter - it's up to you to decide. Only a player with stubbornness, skill and tactics can unlock the entire Jurassic Park.

This product is an add-on for Minecraft Pocket Edition, created by the fans of the game.

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