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Sam Q. Yang

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Did you know that there are ~5-7 people in the world who look EXACTLY like you? Doppel uses AI to help you discover your twin strangers from around the world. Simply submit your selfies, create a profile, and your look-alikes will be waiting for you!

Plus, even if you don't find your look-alikes at first, we'll notify you know when your DOPPELGANGER finds you!

Now, check out these AWESOME features!

******** CHAT ********
Invite your look-alikes to chat with a single click, and connect over your similarity!

******** GROUPS ********
Create & join groups (Doppelgängs) to find, compare and connect with other Doppel users. Create a group with your friends, your family, or your twin strangers!

******** CELEBRITIES ********
Find your celebrity doppelganger -- explore Actors, Models, Internet Stars, K-Pop Stars, CARTOONS, Cricketers, Musicians and MORE with our celebrity filters.

******** FACE MORPH ********
Create smooth face morph videos between you and your look-alikes (also available within the Compare feature!). Drag the slider to see your transformation at different points! Then, share your face gradient with friends and family.

******** COMPARE ********
Compare your selfies to those of family and friends! Simply submit a photo to compare to yours, and tap "Compare" to find out your % similarity.

******** FEED ********
Browse over 10000+ look-alikes found through Doppel in your feed, compare their photos, and vote on their similarity!

What are you waiting for? Create a profile, submit your selfies, and find your doppelgangers from around the world! It's quick, easy and fun.
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What's new?

NEW UPDATE: Emojis! Add emojis to Doppelgangs, and view the country flag of your Doppels on your homepage!

Plus, fixed major crashes with image crop picker & enhanced dark mode.

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