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Dirk Leopold Feiler

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EASYWORLD.VISION will set new standards and standards in social commerce.

EASYWORLD.VISION is a platform with a decentralized ecosystem developed for the social commerce and d-commerce business. EASYWORLD connects retailers and product manufacturers directly with influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, social sellers and social media users using the latest blockchain technology and the EASYWORLD TOKENS EAX.


Together with EASYWORLD we are building a P2P economy for lifestyle & social direct selling on blockchain. We focus on smart, user-friendly solutions that enable everyone involved to have a holistic shopping experience. Everyone can participate in the success of the EASYWORLD Economy via the EAX Token.
It is one of the best investment opportunities you have ever seen. You can leave the magic and work to us.

Our team consists of employees and partners. They are specialists with many years of experience and able to generate high profits in the mining business.
A wallet is made available to each partner investor. You get your cryptocurrencies on your wallet every month and see your profits grow.
Invest in new strong ideas together with other investors - the crowd
Invest in startups and growth companies worldwide from 250 euros.
share the risk of investing with multiple investors.
Participate in inventions and startup companies that develop sustainable products.
Benefit in the long term from an extraordinary return potential by participating in the economic success of startups.

Support young, innovative companies because it is fun to watch them grow, create jobs and thus strengthen the economy worldwide, especially in developing countries with incredible potential for your profit.
More goes together, cultural change & engagement via crowd. A trend that can change our culture towards more personal responsibility and risk taking. These drivers are of great importance for the economic development and social engagement of our society.

Until now, this type of investment was reserved for professional venture capitalists. EASYWORLD.VISION now also helps all private investors and companies to invest in a regulated environment through EASY CROWDFUNDING.
As an investor, you decide which project you support and in which country.

Revolutionary and EASY to handle. Buyers make money through QR code sharing. With each sale on the EASYWORLD platform, every buyer automatically receives his personal SCAN & EARN QR code / link for the product purchased with his invoice. If he recommends this product to a friend by sharing this QR code / link with them and it comes to a purchase, he receives in real time the commission that the product manufacturer has assigned to this QR code / link. The buyer gets his commission in EASY token on his EASY wallet as soon as the friend (now buyer) has paid and in real time. The EASY QR Code / Link contains all information about the product and the dealer as well as the amount of the commission that the buyer (now broker through SCAN & EARN) receives.

Are you an active influencer on social media like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook? Are you thinking about how you could make more money with your work on social media? "How can I combine my social media presence with sales and making money? You pay high commissions 20%, 30%, 40% to 50%.
As a supplier, if you want to sell your goods online or sell online, you know that there are many different platforms. Get to know EASYWORLD.

* This app is designed by EASYWORLD - operated by TUC GLOBAL LTD.

Pikk 7-5
Tallinn, Estonia
[email protected]
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