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1.0.036 for Android

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Letsplay is a live game app wherein you get to compete with other users and get a chance to win by joining the scheduled battle. Each users' highest score will be submitted as an entry during the event.

How to compete?
- Players will receive an app notification regarding the date and time of the battle.
- Players must use a bling to join.
- A bling can be earned by subscribing to the Letsplay service.

How to subscribe and earn a bling in Letsplay?
- Players can earn bling by texting LETSPLAY to 8933.
- Players will receive bling to be deducted from his/her load balance:
* 5 bling daily for Php 2.50 for SMART/TnT
* 5 bling daily for Php 2.00 for SUN
* 5 bling daily for Php 2.50 for GLOBE/TM
- Once done, players will receive an SMS notification of successful subscription from 8933.

How to play:
- Players may join the battle on a specified date and time.
- Players may join the battle as long as he/she has bling to use.
- If Player was eliminated during the game, but has an extra bling, he/she may use the bling to continue playing.
- The highest score accumulated will be the Player's entry to win in the battle.
- If a Player acquires the same score as the other players, the prize will be divided among the winners.

Where to use the earned bling?
Users may exchange their bling in availing various items available in the Letsplay Marketplace.

Having problems with points, conversions, or any other concerns?
Contact [email protected] using your mobile number and username, and wait for the team’s response.
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What's new?

- New Feature: Referral code for additional bling
-> Give your referral code to your friend and have them type it in the app for you to gain additional 5 bling

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Latest Version: 1.0.036

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Requirements: Android 5.0+

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